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Affiliate Member Status

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Organization NameDescription/Issue(s)OSI Initial ContactContact/Rep. InformationStatus
ADMB Foundation Affiliates webpageSee CiviCRMMember (2014)
Associazione LibreItalia Simon Phipps, Stefano ZacchiroliSee CiviCRMProspect
Amsterdam Linux OSI ListSee CiviCRMProspect
Apereo Foundation Ian DolphinSee CiviCRMMember (2013)
AppliedTechnology Club at Spokane Falls Community College Mail listSee CiviCRM Prospect
Association Francophone des Utilisateurs de Logiciels Libres (AFUL) Laurent SeguinSee CiviCRMMember (2012)
Benetech Patrick MassonSee CiviCRMProspect
BigBlueButton Foundation Apereo ConferenceSee CiviCRMMember (2014)
California Association of Voting Officials (CAVO) osi@...See CiviCRMMember (2015)
CENATIC  See CiviCRMMember (2012)
CiviCRM Joe MurphySee CiviCRMProspect
Creative Commons 
See CiviCRMMember (2012)
COISCECH osi@...See CiviCRMProspect
Debian  See CiviCRMMember (2012)
Democracy Lab Deb BryantSee CiviCRMMember (2014)
Document Foundation  See CiviCRMMember (2012)
Drupal Association  See CiviCRMMember (2012)
Eclipse Foundation  See CiviCRMMember (2012)
Entrada Mike MilinkovichSee CiviCRMProspect
FLOSShub/FLOSSmole Patrick MassonSee CiviCRMProspect
FreeBSD Foundation  See CiviCRMMember (2012)
Friends of OpenDocument  See CiviCRMMember (2012)
FOSSETCON  See CiviCRMProspect
IASAInternational enterprise and technology architecture non-profitosi@...See CiviCRMProspect
inBloominBloom is an independent, non-profit organization whose mission is to provide a valuable resource to teachers, students, and families to improve education.osi@... See CiviCRMMember (2014)
Indiana University Patrick MassonSee CiviCRMMember (2015)
Interakt Digital GroupCompany sponsored project, Resulticks', user community.membership@See CiviCRMProspect
Internet Systems CorporationInternet Systems Consortium, Inc. (ISC) is dedicated to developing software and offering services in support of the Internet infrastructure.U.S. PostSee CiviCRMMember (2016)
 Joomla (Open Source Matters, Inc.) 
See CiviCRMMember (2012)
KaiyuansheOpen source alliance founded by Chinese OSS companies,
communities and individuals, aiming at promoting the idea of open source and providing help for participating and contributing to world-wide OSS communities.
Allison RandalSee CiviCRMMember (2015)
KDE eV  See CiviCRMMember (2012)
Kuali ProjectDedicated to the development of open source administrative software solutions for higher education.Patrick MassonSee CiviCRMAgreement
(Bylaws, TaxDocs)
Reference Letter
Liberated TechWe keep Atlanta's electronic waste out of landfills and distribute computers back to the communityOSI ListSee CiviCRMProspect
LibreItaliaLibreItalia is a voluntary association, which was founded at the initiative of a group of active people - in various ways - as a tool in the promotion of LibreOffice free to individual and company productivity.OSI ListSee CiviCRMMember (2015)
Linuxfest NorthwestLinuxFest Northwest is a grassroots, free and inexpensive event, organized by the Linux community.Simon PhippsSee CiviCRMMember (2014)
Linux Foundation  See CiviCRMMember (2012)
Linux Fund  See CiviCRMMember (2012)
Linux Professional InstituteLPI brings together an active and committed community of companies, IT professionals, training organizations and volunteers to achieve LPI’s programs. LPI is recognized worldwide as the premier organization advocating and assisting in the professional use of Linux, Open Source, and Free Software. Masson via osi@See CiviCRMMember (2015)
MariaDB Foundation  See CiviCRMMember (2013)
Marist CollegeInstitution of Higher EducationMasson @ OpenApereoSee CiviCRMCover Letter / Agreement
Mautic Masson @ FOSSETCONSee CiviCRMMember (2015)
Mifos Initiative Mifos X is an extended platform for delivering the complete range of financial services needed for an effective financial inclusion solution.via osi@See CiviCRMMember (2015)
Mis TribusMis Tribus is an open community that provides creators (authors, producers, artists) with the tools, services, and knowledge, to independently publish, produce, and sell their creative products. See CiviCRM
This application was denied in favor of a proposal from the Puerto Rico Python Interest Group (see below)
Moodle Pty Ltd Masson @ EducauseSee CiviCRMApplication / Cover Letter 
Mozilla Foundation  See CiviCRMMember (2012)
The New Zealand Open Source Society  See CiviCRMMember (2012)
NLnet develop Open Source software and open standards for the benefit of the Internet.Via mail OSI-MC list.See CiviCRMProspect
NXTA non-profit organisation that
represents the interests of the user community for the NXT crypto-currency.
osi@...See CiviCRMApplication / Cover Letter
Supporting Doc:
Open InfoSecA non-profit foundation organized to build a next generation IDS/IPS engineCharles-H.Schulz via email to Masson, Phipps, RandalSee CiviCRMMember (2015)
OpenMRS Leslie HawthornSee CiviCRMMember (2015)
Open Source Automation Development Lab (OSADL) osi@...See CiviCRMProspect
Open Source Business Chapter of Costa Rica Karl FogelSee CiviCRMProspect
Open Source Consortium Simon PhippsSee CiviCRMProspect
Open Source Electronic Health Record Association WebsiteSee CiviCRMMember (2014)
Open Source Festival Patrick MassonSee CiviCRMProspect
Open Source Lab Patrick MassonSee CiviCRMProspect
Open Source Software Institute  See CiviCRMMember (2012)
Open Source Sweden  See CiviCRMMember (2012)
Outercurve Foundation  See CiviCRMMember (2012)
OpenHatchOpenHatch is a non-profit dedicated to matching prospective free software contributors with communities, tools, and educationKarl FogelSee CiviCRMMember (2014)
OSCELOT, Inc.Creates innovative open source solutions for the challenges facing the eLearning community.  ...openness in education, the application of OPEN standards, the power of OPEN source, OPEN community, OPEN content, and OPEN education.Patrick MassonSee CiviCRMCover Letter & Agreement
OW2  See CiviCRMMember (2012)
Perl FoundationDedicated to the advancement of the Perl programming languageAllison RandalSee CiviCRMProspect
Plone Foundation  See CiviCRMMember (2012)
Puerto Rico Python Interest Group(PRPIG)To create a sustainable user community for software development in Puerto Rico. Originally part of the Mis Tribus application (see above).See CiviCRMMember (2014)
Python Software Foundation  See CiviCRMMember (2012)
Sahana Software Foundation  See CiviCRMMember (2012)
Silicon Valley Education FoundationInitially contacted over the use of the "Open Source Initiative" within their organization, the foundation supports K-12 STEM related education and resources.Patrick MassonSee CiviCRMProspect A sustainable funding platform for freely-licensed works. Innovative matching pledge creates a network effect where contributors all work together to support public goods.Patrick MassonSee CiviCRMCover letter / Agreement
SOUJava  See CiviCRMMember (2012) 
SourceForge Research Data Archive (SRDA) Patrick MassonSee CiviCRMProspect
Tiki Software Community Association  See CiviCRMMember (2012)
TYPO3 Simon PhippsSee CiviCRMMember (2014)
University of Southern QueenslandOne of Australia's leading providers of on-campus and online education programs  with more than 75% of students studying at a distance or online.Patrick MassonSee CiviCRMMember (2015)
Wikimedia Foundation  See CiviCRMMember (2012)
Wikiotics  See CiviCRMMember (2012)
WordPress Foundation Leslie HawthornSee CiviCRMMember (2014)
The Xerte Project The Xerte Project is an initiative to provide high quality free software to educators all over the world, and to build a global community of users and developers around our tools.Patrick Masson / Open Apereo ConferenceSee CiviCRMMember (2015)

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