The discussions occurring on both the License Discuss and License Review mailing lists are summarized in monthly reports and then posted back to the corresponding mailing lists and the OSI website.

In order to ensure the reports and summaries of discussions are usable, concise, and consistent the following style guidelines have been adopted.

1. Report Title

  • The monthly License-Discuss report is titled,  "[MONTH] [YEAR] License-Discuss Report"
  • The monthly License-Review report is titled,  "[MONTH] [YEAR] License-Review Report"

2. Introduction (website only)

The OSI's content management system (Drupal), allows any "News" post (blog post) to include a summary of the contents on the OSI website's homepage. 

  • The homepage summary includes the content form the table of contents in paragraph form.


In [MONTH}, the License-[discuss/Review] mailing list discussed the [FIRST TOPIC SUBMITTED FOR THE MONTH], the [SECOND TOPIC SUBMITTED...], the [THIRD TOPIC...], and the [...].

3. Table of Contents

  • Each report will include a table of contents listing the topics discussed during the month.
  • The order of the topics included in the table of contents is based on the date the topic was introduced to the mailing list: the oldest topics first, fol lowered by later topics added throughout the month.
  • The table of contents will be included at the beginning of the report.


License-[Discuss/Review] mailing list topics for [MONTH] [YEAR]:


2. Topic Headers

  • Each topic will be listed in the body of the report as a new header (Level 3 in Drupal's rich text editor).

3. Topic Introduction

  • The first post of the thread for a new topic will be summarized to emphasize the specific issue (for L-D) or license (for L-R) introduced.
  • The URL will be included as a link to the archived discussion post introducing the topic to the list.
  • Including the URL as a link allows those using "plain text" email clients to view the URL and  also insures those reviewing the reports through the mailman archives can also see the URL to any references/resources.

4. Topic Discussions (Posts)

  • Only discussion posts including additional relevant (on topic) issues should be included summarized in the report.
  • Responses to the initial issue(s) should not be included. Readers can click to the thread to follow the discussion.

Glossary of Terms

  • Discussion - the thread of posts in response to a topic.
  • Mailing List - a forum for email-based discussions managed by the OSI on the MailMan platform.
  • Post - a message sent by a mailing list user to the mailing list forum.
  • Report - the entire content of a month's License-Discuss and License-Review posted to the OSI website and corresponding mailing list.
  • Summary - a brief transcript of a mailing list post send by a mailing list user.
  • Thread - a list of posts related to a single topic in the mailing list.
  • Topic - a single subject introduced to the License-Discuss or License-Review mailing list.
  • Topic Header - the text included in a License-Discuss or License-Review report introducing a new topic.

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