Goal: Increase the OSI value proposition to our Affiliate Membership.

Objectives: (please see the Collab-inator description for a sense of this role)

  • Raise awareness and collaboration between the OSI and our Affiliate Members as well as between Affiliate Members themselves. 
  • Provide shared services to Affiliate members to reduce redundancy and operational costs among Affiliate Members.

The reality is that the OSI has not engaged significantly with our Affiliates to date. The program will need to introduce itself as a resource then build capacity based on discovery. As a new program we should start simply:

  1. Coordinate regular communications...
    1. emails to share what the Affiliates are working on, what they need and problems that are having. 
    2. monthly call / web conference with affiliates to discuss how the OSI can help.
      Please note there is a "Foundations" listserv (http://lists.freedesktop.org/mailman/listinfo/foundations) that is devoted to cross-community communications among FLOSS projects, so there is a willingness to collaborate, but there is no one managing the list, coordinating discussions, or organizing outputs (more infor here (http://flossfoundations.org/)
  2. Promotional
    1. collect and distribute among Affiliates (specifically) and the public Affiliate events, campaigns
    2. Republish blog posts on our site (like opensource.com does).

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