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Each year school districts across New York (and presumably across the globe) decommission computers as they age off of maintenance contracts or become obsolete due to heavier software requirements that exceed the capabilities of the machines. These discarded computers are often made available to community groups or other civic departments (e.g. libraries). Unfortunately, these organizations also desire the latest operating systems and applications and also require service and support for the hardware: thus they pass on the donations. The usual result is that these machines are sent off for "recycling."

Another approach would be to use these machines to enhance the school's technology curriculum. Doing so not only provides students a laboratory experience for project based learning, but also creates several other opportunities for the community and OSI. This project, The FLOSS Desktop Refurbishment and Distribution Project supports the the academic institution (learning activities and outcomes), community (service and development) and OSI (awareness and adoption).

Project details:

  • Provides district students access to a variety of project-based learning activities.
    • Hardware refurbishment: Students will rebuild and bring to operational condition local school districts' decommissioned computers.
    • Software Administration: Students will install and configure LUbuntu, add various desktop applications (LibreOffice, GIMP, etc.).
    • Mentorship: Students will develop a curriculum and teach a course on "desktop literacy" to their peers and other members of the community using the refurbished FLOSS computers. After completion of the course, the participants will be able to take the computer home.
    • Manging a Support Center: Students will create, manage and operate a "help desk" providing those who complete the course and using the refurbished computers a resource for ongoing support.
  • Project provides opportunities in a variety of disciplines:
    • Informatics students interested in education;
    • Informatics students interested in community development;
    • Information Systems students interested in technology development;
    • Education students interested in Technology;
    • Computer science, engineering students interested in open source software;
    • Computer science, engineering students interested in education;

The OSI seeks a motivated self-directed program manager to help develop and operationalize the The FLOSS Desktop Refurbishment and Distribution Project in conjunction with local educators, facility managers and the OSI General Manager.

The position would require an on-site commitment at the OSI Operations Center for two hours, twice a week in the afternoons.


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