The term "concierge" first appeared in France in the Middle Ages and came to refer to the officers of the royal palace guard whose job it was to protect the king in his palace. The concierge was the holder of the keys in the royal households, with access to all the important rooms. The concierge's responsibilities were diverse, including overseeing the administration of domestic services and performing special tasks at the request of the royal court. The definition broadened with the rise of the grand European hotels in the 16th and 17th centuries, though it was not until the mid-20th century that the concierge became a must-have feature of North American hotels.

So prestigious is the concierge that there is an association, from France, Les Clefs d'Or, whose motto is "service through friendship".

The OSI requires accurate constituency information in order to ensure active participation, not only with the OSI but across the community. The OSI Constituent Concierge will manage the OSI CRM system, support and enhance member profiles and accounts, and identify opportunities for the creation of affinity groups and targeted communications.


  • Community - Working with the OSI and our community, create and manage a member portal for connecting constituents, promoting communication and driving organizational development.
  • Development - Working with OSI contractors, identify and maintain various features and functionality that enables member interactions and updates and enhanced OSI data management and reporting.
  • Data Management - Maintain (update and connect) contact information related to the OSI's individuals, members, organizations and relationships.
  • Reporting - Run queries based on various criteria to identify contacts/members/organizations to provide the OSI and its membership with profiles, relationships and communication channels.
  • End-user Support - Provide on demand training directly to end users working with their account and contact/membership information.
  • Technical Support - Working with contracted support providers ensure the CRM is up and available.

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