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Urban dictionary defines a Media Jockey as, "someone who is on top of many different (social) media. She/he manipulates and uses the media rather then being manipulated or being used by the media." Discussions around open source are happening throughout the world, across multiple disciplines and diverse organizations, and by with people in a variety of roles: the OSI Media Jockey provides the platform for these discussions to be heard; a forum inviting dialogue, and; an archive for reference.


  • Discovery & Promotion - Identify topics and authors of interest across multiple media platforms for reference across OSI distribution channels.
    • Follow all OSI Affiliates, Corporate Sponsors and (ex-)Board Members on Twitter
      • Identify relevant tweets for distribution ("Retweet") via OSI Twitter Account
    • Review all OSI Affiliates, Corporate Sponsors and (ex-)Board Members' blogs
      • Identify relevant blog posts for sharing via Twitter and/or posting via OSI Website.
  • Development & Distribution - Generate original content (either directly or through contributions) to produce, open source specific newsletters, tweets, blogs posts, etc.
    • Develop and manage a authors for blog posts.
  • Archive & Curate - Create and maintain a catalog of resources and artifacts related to open source information, activities, personalities, etc.

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