Major Milestones for the Year

  • [done] Relaunch the website with refreshed content
  • [done] Two new projects in the incubator
  • [inprogress] Improving the license-review process
  • [inprogress] Facilitating members to deliver on the mission
  • [done] $50k new sponsors (Corporate, Affiliate, and/or Individual)


  • [done] Face-to-face Board Meeting
  • [done] Review backlog of license review requests (Legal, Richard)


  • [done] Transfer domains to Gandi (Infrastructure, Zack)
  • [done] Mailman and Postfix migration to Gandi (Infrastructure, Roland)
  • [done] Reach out to Drupal for potential community-driven re-design of (Communications, Patrick)
  • [done] Consider tools for license review, decide on timeline for deployment, may include development work (Legal, Infrastructure)
  • [done] Begin reaching out to public sector contacts for new working group (Incubator, Deb)


  • [done] Launch existing website running on Gandi (Infrastructure)
  • [done] Work on community-driven re-design of, with possible sprint at OSCON (Communications, Leslie)


  • [done] Move site to SSL (Infrastructure)


  • [done] Review community-driven re-design of with board and infrastructure team (Communications, Leslie)


  • [done] Launch re-design of website (Communication)
  • OSI Blog (Leslie): OSCON Amsterdam & OSI activities, hometown angle. - slipped, not likely to be completed. Anyone else want to take up the mantle?
  • [postponed] Begin work on license commentary tool (Legal, Paul + Allison)
  • [postponed] Look into for license review workflow (Legal, Allison)


  • [done] Face-to-face Board Meeting
  • [done] Form Elections Committee for 2016 (Board)
  • Board Blog (Deb): FOSSETCON & OSI Activities, opportunities in open source ecosystem for non-programmers.


  • [done] Review voting system and ensure no changes are needed (Infrastructure, Elections Committee)
  • [done] Finalize list of individual and affiliate seats open in 2016 (Elections Committee)
  • [postponed] Board Blog (Patrick): Holiday giving through membership


  • [done] Announce schedule of upcoming elections and seats available (Elections Committee, Communications)
  • [done] Kick off membership drive, in advance of election (Membership, Patrick)
  • [done] Redirect http to https on (Infrastructure, Patrick)


  • [done] Open and complete election nomination period (Elections Committee, Communications)
  • [done] Move wiki to SSL (Infrastructure, Patrick)


  • [done] Open and complete election voting period (Elections Committee, Communications)


  • [done] Elected board members take seats April 1, 2016
  • [done] Orient new board members (Board, Patrick)
  • [done] Face-to-face Board Meeting

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