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About me

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I have been honored to serve as an Individual Board Member for the OSI for the past year, and I am now standing for reelection. During my time on the Board, I managed the Marketing Portfolio and did a variety of tasks related to raising awareness of the OSI, including working on our monthly newsletter, performing outreach for our member drive, representing the organization at the OSCON 2014 conference and more. 

I've been involved in the open source community in a wide variety of ways, from serving on the board of the Privly Foundation and Sahana Software Foundation to acting in an advisory capacity to many projects and developers. Many folks will remember me from my time in Google's Open Source Programs Office, where I created Google Code-In, the world's first global program to involve pre-university students in all aspects of open source software development, and managed Summer of Code from 2006-2010. You can read more about my experience on my bio page. My passions continue to run toward community empowerment: helping new contributors join us, making our communities most welcoming and helping everyone to collaborate most effectively.

Why I'm running for election

I've gotten some good work done in the past year, but there's even more to do. My first priority, should I be re-elected, will be to work with our volunteer web design firm to revamp the opensource.org with an eye to making information more discoverable. 

When I stood for election last year, I said the following about why I was running:

I'm standing for election to the OSI Board because I would like to contribute towards the OSI's efforts in the educational space. The first ever minor in open source software for US universities was recently announced, and I was honored to support these efforts in a small way behind the scenes. I see now as a critical juncture in the effort to get open source into academia - at least the US academy - and would like to apply my experience and passion to making open source tools, development methodologies and source code itself the default in higher education offerings. 

While outreach in the educational realm is not the primary function of the Marketing Portfolio manager, I was proud to champion these efforts via outreach activities at the EDUCAUSE 2014 conference, which were convened along with OSI Affiliate Member The Apereo Foundation. Should I be re-elected, I will continue to support outreach to the educational community and promotion of making open source the standard in academia. 

Contact information

Feel free to ask questions via email or contact me on Twitter (@lhawthorn). For email, I can be reached at lhawthorn@ the OSI's domain name


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