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1 I've been a supporter of open source software for over 20 years, and am a long-term member of the Python community. I have written classes for O'Reilly School of Technology and produced video educational material for O'Reilly Media and I'm the author of //Python Web Programming//.
3 I started PyCon, now one of the largest open source developer conferences in the world, chairing the first three events. I served as a director of the Python Software Foundation for eight years and as its chairman for three. When I took over as chairman the Foundation had just lost over half its reserves after a difficult conference. When I stood down three years later the organization had reduced its outstanding receivables from over $100,000 to less than $20,000, had rebuilt its reserves and to this day remains in a strong position going forward. My community leadership involvement goes back to 1978, when I was Treasurer of DECUS UK & Ireland.
5 If elected to the OSI Board I will use my experience to strive to increase the diversity of the individual membership, seek to engage corporations and government to adopt open source more aggressively and to join OSI, and ensure that the Foundation is a sustainable organization capable of undertaking long-term campaigns to achieve its goals.

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