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About Me

I have worked in open source and volunteered in open source communities for many years. I love the opportunities and the ideals represented by the open source way and have dedicated my time and talents to promoting these concepts to others. If I were to offer more specific examples here are a few area and communities where I have been involved: 

I really "cut my teeth" (or was introduced to open source) through this community. I began working with Joomla when it was originally Mambo and learned about open source, coding, and more through this community. Over time I began to become more involved in the community eventually serving as a member of the Production Leadership Team, the Framework Maintainers Team, the Joomla Magazine, the Marketing Team, the Security Strike team, and a number of other teams. (Yes, I spent a significant amount of time volunteering in Joomla!). I most recently, and currently, volunteer as the community development manager for the Joomla! community and greatly enjoy sharing Joomla with others around the globe and find ways to encourage them to become involved in open source.

I love to write and as such I have contributed numerous articles to the initiative. Because of my active involvement I was invited to be one of the community moderators. I have enjoyed this opportunity as it allows me the ability to not only share open source with others and encourage their involvement through my writing but also gives me the ability to interview other individuals and help them tell their own open source stories. 


Finally I am proud to be the founder of Mautic. Mautic is free and open source marketing automation. Before Mautic there was no marketing automation, lead nurturing, generation, email marketing software available as open source software. Mautic has disrupted and revolutionized the way businesses work and the tools they have. Mautic was founded on the principle that all businesses should have equal opportunities for success regardless of their size. I have been thrilled to play a role in providing a catalyst for change. The community has grown tremendously and has seen enormously positive response already. 

Those are some of the more notable communities I have been involved with and worked in regarding open source. Of course beyond the volunteer work I am also an active blogger, and write frequently on topics of open source, startup, business, and more. I also travel extensively speaking on open source and providing a variety of talks ranging from inspirational/motivational to technical and code-related. 

Why I Am Interested in OSI

As I have continued on my journey of promoting and growing open source around the world I believe there is an opportunity to expand through OSI. My main focus would be to increase the awareness of OSI and grow the membership of general members while also encouraging organizations to join OSI as well. I am also highly interested in organizational needs and processes and believe my experience across a wide range of open source communities brings valuable insights to the discovery, organization, and application process.

I would love to see OSI grow but also grow effectively; to do so requires an attention to details, ensuring proper processes and work flows. Proper attention to this part of the process will ease the on-boarding process, reduce workloads and increase efficiencies while demonstrating excellence and a polished look to those prospective members.

Thank you for the opportunity! If you have questions or comments I'd love to hear them, reach out at any of the social media accounts above!


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