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1 Name: Mike Milinkovich
3 Background:
6 * I have been involved in the software industry for over 30 years in many roles, including developer, product manager, and executive.
7 * Since 2004 I have been the Executive Director of the Eclipse Foundation, a widely known free and open source community.
8 * I also serve as a member of the Java Community Process Executive Committee, and as an observer and past member of the Board of the OpenJDK community.
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11 Contributions to the OSI
14 * I have served on the Board of the OSI for the past three years, and as the Assistant Treasurer then Treasurer for the past two years.
15 * I have been primarily responsible for recruiting corporate donations and sponsorships for the OSI, and have helped grow the funding to well over $100K/yr. This has allowed the OSI to hire its first ever General Manager, and have the resources to play a much more active role in the FLOSS community.
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