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I strongly believe in the stewardship of "open source" and "open standards", and I would like to continue my community contribution as a board member of OSI.

I have over thirty years of Unix/Linux operating system expertise where I have been an author, inventor, open source contributor and leader, and a Texas licensed Professional Engineer in the field of Software Engineering.  I've worked at Purdue University, Texas Instruments, IBM, and now at Dell Technologies as a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff.   I made my first open source contribution thirty years ago to X11R4.   I'm the original author of groupmems in the shadow password package.   I was the chairman of the Linux Standard Base (LSB) that made "Linux" an ISO standard so that DISA and other government agencies could use it.   I was a co-founder of the Free Standards Group which is now the Linux Foundation.   I was a member of,, and a staff member of the CAD Framework Initiative ( standards body which is now Silicon Integration Initiative (   I believe that my community open source and open standards experiences make me a good candidate to be a board member of OSI.

George Kraft, P.E. (aka "gk4")


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