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Hi everyone! My name is Ashley Wolf and I am seeking election to the OSI Board of Directors.
I seek to join the OSI board because I believe that a strong OSI is essential to the ongoing success of the open source ecosystem. Over the past few years I've seen attempts to create new licenses that are open for some. The OSD is designed to ensure that open source is open for all. I’d like to help OSI protect and preserve the meaning of open source and its strategic importance.

Open Source is my daily habit:

I manage the Verizon Media Open Source Program Office (OSPO). Every day I oversee open source processes and make decisions supporting hundreds of engineers who work on dozens of open source projects. Over the past two years I supervised my company’s contribution of more than 4 million lines of code; over 5,000 contributions to prominent open source projects used by engineers around the world. I am a primary point of contact between my company and the Linux Foundation, Apache Software Foundation, the TODO Group, and other open source institutions. Based on Yahoo’s 25 year legacy of supporting open source, Verizon Media, owner of the Yahoo brand, continues its support of open source. As the program manager of Verizon Media’s OSPO, I have the central role in seeing it through every day.

What I’ll bring to the board:

My approach to open source is both hopeful and collaborative. We have a motto in our OSPO: “We make code better, together.” We chose these words because things can always be made better than it is, but only if we work on it together. I’ll work together with the board to help the OSI expand its services and reach. In addition, I bring a perspective that is important to the open source ecosystem. Many of the most active open source projects today are managed by tech company engineers, paid to contribute to those projects as work. My OSPO is one of those companies that created and/or contribute to AI, big data, cloud services, distributed compute, edge technology, front-end frameworks, and more. We have hundreds of engineers working on open source projects every day, and in my role I see what works and what issues they face.

OSI’s role is very significant, but as an organization it needs to expand to meet its full potential. It can do more, and be more. I’d like to help make that happen, and with your vote, I’ll invest my passion and talents to do just that.

A bit about me:

I’m passionate about connecting people to technology. Before my current role, I worked in product management, developer relations, and community management. I have always seen myself as a proud tech nerd. This all began when I started web development in Drupal and participated in indie video game conferences. I gravitated towards the high tech industry and have been immersed in it for nearly a decade now. Outside the office and away from the screens, I enjoy hiking with my dog and traveling.

You can find me online on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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