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about me

I hang out with my cat, ride a bike, and advocate for free and open source software, technologies, culture, and philosophy. I am the community coordinator for the Open edX Project, an AGPL course management/learning management system created and maintained by edX. I have worked in open education since 2010 in various roles across k-12 education and higher ed. I play bassoon in an indie pop band.

Having previously interned at the Free Software Foundation, I am now an active supporter, participant at events, and co-organizer of the members meeting at LibrePlanet. I serve as secretary on the board for the Tiny Museum. I organize the Boston-area Free Software Reading Group and a monthly lightning talk series. I am currently working on the diversity sponsorship program for DebConf16.

why i’m running

I am inspired by seeing the OSI move beyond licensing and want to help drive those efforts forward. I see spaces where the OSI, the membership, and the greater free and open source communities can do better.

working groups

Supporting working groups is one of the ways the OSI can really help the community grow and have demonstrable impact. Working groups are a member driven effort. Rather than waiting for interested parties to come to to the OSI, I propose we open and publicize an annual call for OSI Incubator Projects, during which interested individuals, teams, and groups can propose projects.

connections between members

There is a great opportunity to encourage members (individual and organizational) to connect with one another. For example, we could create a resource-sharing board for affiliate organizations interested in tabling at events. Maintaining a continuous presence during an event can be a demanding use of resources, and we can help affiliate organizations connect with others interested in sharing space, or individual members interested in volunteering.

growing the membership

A strong community requires diversity. I want to find ways to increase the membership not just in number, but across demographics and geography. Several ideas include: location specific membership fees, targeted outreach, and additional or alternative incentives for membership.

fundraising, education, outreach, and diversity

I would love to work on creating travel scholarships, supporting outreach, education, and marketing campaigns, and helping to bring free and open source software into schools and the public sectors. However, many of these efforts require financial resources. I would like to work with the rest of the board and OSI staff to identify greater opportunities for fundraising and take action on them as appropriate in order to facilitate initiatives in education, outreach, and diversity.

contact me

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or just want to talk. I’m @mmillions on twitter, and mollydb on OFTC.

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