chris-lamb.jpgMy name is Chris Lamb, perhaps better known on the internet as lamby.

I'm a 32-year-old computer programmer from the UK and am seeking your vote to join the esteemed board of the Open Source Initiative.

I am extremely proud to serve as the current Debian Project Leader (DPL). Throughout this term as I have shown a dedication to many of the values that Debian and the OSI have in common. For example, I have dramatically increased Debian's commitment and involvement in outreach initiatives both in real terms and in increasing awareness as well as solidified many cross-distribution and inter-project communications. I also have demonstrated I am a "steady hand" with respect to all of the project's philosophies on a genuine commitment to users' freedoms as well as remaining level-headed, rational and objective whilst mediating inter-personal conflict and generally just herding the various breed of cat that exist in our communities. I also believe in open, clear and frank communications and thus every month of my term I have published an update of how I have been representing the Project (for example...).

As a bit more background about me, after working in the London tech scene I become a freelancer and am relishing the challenges and opportunities this has offered me, especially in how I can leverage this to contribute more to free software and perhaps by bringing some hard-won lessons from the folks in the startup world. More recently, I've been highly active in the Reproducible Builds project where I was awarded a grant from the Linux Foundation. As a freelancer, whilst I don't have express an anti-corporate sentiment, I do not hold any explicit ties to any particular company, a useful position to be in in this world where suspicion of bias or ulterior motives is sadly prevalent.

When I'm not coding, I am an prolific reader, film-watcher, an Ironman, as well as a classical musician with a particular interest in early music. You can find more about me on my website ( or you can also follow me on Twitter @lolamby.

It would be an honour to serve on the OSI board and I thank you in advance for your consideration.


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