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About me

Charles-H. Schulz (The “H” letter standing for his second name “Henri”) is a French technologist, Free Software and Open Standards advocate. As a long time contributor to the project he helped grow its community from a few mostly european communities to over a hundred communities and teams of various sizes. He also contributed to the development and adoption of the OpenDocument Format standard through the company he co-founded, Ars Aperta. A former director of the OASIS Consortium he has engaged in various digital public policy debates at the European level. Charles-H. Schulz is a founding member and one of the former directors of the Document Foundation, home of the LibreOffice project. He currently works at the French national cybersecurity agency, ANSSI. Being involved in several Open Source projects, he is nowadays serving as a director of the Open Information Security Foundation, home of the Suricata IDS project.

In my spare time I usually spend time with my family and friends. I love reading, good food and drinks. More details may be found here You may contact me on Twitter, Linkedin, and by email (I have some rather public email aliases).

Twitter | My minimal GitHub page | LinkedIn | My personal page and unmaintained blog, Moved by Freedom - Powered by Standards.

Some ideas and a few proposals for the Open Source Initiative

Here are a few ideas that I would like the Open Source Initiative to push forward:

  • Increase the participation of the community in the productions and actions of the Open Source Initiative
  • Increase the advocacy and defense of Open Source principles, licenses and software freedom through public policy initiatives, standardization bodies, etc.
  • Improve the understanding and use of Open Source licenses by helping developers and companies to choose and use approved OSI licenses

These are somewhat high-level ideas but I believe they will have some real and positive effects for OSI and Open Source in general. I'd be happy to discuss them further in public and I'm looking forward to serve the community at the board of the Open Source Initiative with the best of my abilities.


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