Beyond Licensing Working Group Proposal

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Start date

The initial list of volunteers signed on March 22nd, 2016, at an Open Source Sustainability Summit organized by O'Reilly.

The official start date will be the day the proposal is approved (April 21st board meeting).

Initial members

Working Group Chair: Deb Nicholson

Working Group Sponsor: Allison Randal

OSI General Manager: Patrick Masson

Other Contributors:

  • Alicia Gibb
  • Brian Behlendorf
  • Chris Aniszczyk
  • Danese Cooper
  • Karen Sandler
  • Karl Fogel
  • Italo Vignoli
  • Leslie Hawthorn
  • Luke Faraone
  • Mikeal Rogers
  • Mike Milinkovich
  • Nadia Eghbal
  • Rachel Roumeliotis
  • Richard Fontana
  • Simon Phipps
  • Stefano Zacchiroli
  • Stephen Walli
  • Tony Wasserman

Resources needed by group

The group needs a mailing list, which has already been created at [email protected].

The group will use the OSI wiki for works in progress, and at a later date will publish pages on the main website (after review by the board).

Deliverable that will be created

The group aims to draft a simple statement of principles of open source, inspired by the Open Source Definition, but addressing topics beyond copyright licenses.

The group may also review/maintain existing documents about open source beyond copyright licensing, such as the Open Standards Requirement for Software and the Principles of DRM Nonaggression for Open Standards.

Description of how that deliverable satisfies a part of OSI's mission

This working group primarly supports two aspects of OSI's mission: "championing software freedom in society" and "preventing abuse of the ideals and ethos inherent to the open source movement". The group will explore/define aspects of open source beyond copyright licenses, with a goal of making a clear simple statement of principles, in much the same way that the OSD is a clear simple statement of the principles of open source copyright licenses.

Target completion date

We are planning a 12-month initial run of the working group, and will evaluate next steps for the group after 12 months.


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