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Kramden Institute  Collect, refurbish and award computers to students and families without a computer in their home. Inspire students to succeed by teaching them critical computer, software and Internet skills. Recycle and reuse donated computers and parts; extending their lives and reducing e-waste.
Computers for Classrooms 
 Volunteer-based program to fix used computers for use in classrooms
 Student-based refurbishment program established state-wide. Finished computers go to students/families in need.
 After school program for students focusing on fixing/wiping used computers, installing Linux (or allowing Dual-boot for Linux and Mac), and donating to students in need. Assisted by
Computers 4 Kids
 Summer camp/after-school program to get computers into the hands of low-income students, while helping them build technology skills and work readiness. Eligible students can apply for free.

Open source (not OSI) project that develops software for educational purposes, with the intent of getting kids to events like Google Code-In

Website seemingly has not been updated since 2011

"What's in the Box?" (Education World article)  

Vocational/life skills course run by Sugar River Valley Regional Technical Center; awaiting more info from the SRVRTC Director

Team Children  Group based in Virginia that refurbishes computers to distribute to familes that apply to receive them. Familes are asked to pay a minimum of $65, maximum of $225, and volunteer for a minimum of an hour.Volunteering comes in the form of advertising the program via word of mouth or fliers.
Close the Gap
Partners Bridging the Digital Divide  Volunteer group working to provide training, internet access and computer resources to those who need it
Makerspace125  a makerspace that ran a computer refurbishment class, installing Ubuntu on old computers
Change the Equation 

Programs designed to help students of low-income homes push for careers in STEM fields

BUILD IT: Girls Building Information Technology Fluency Through Design  A program made to teach coding in Open Source for free
Free Geek  NFP from Portland, OR that refurbishes donated computers and gives them to volunteers or sells them at low cost
"Teacher on Special Assignment"
  technology teacher who created a computer lab for his classroom with donated computers and open-source OS/Software

Computers For Learning (CFA)

  • Federal program for schools to receive computer hardware for educational purposes (check eligibility tab)
    • Inquiries:
      • Contacted on behalf of Siena, was told that the host schools' administrators themselves should apply
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