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The Open Source Initiative, Open Source Definition and OSI Approved Open Source Licenses are internationally recognized. Many governments, international organizations, multi-national corporations and global communities rely on the Open Source Initiative, the Open Source Definition and OSI Approved Open Source Licenses for identifying computer software as "open source software." The below list includes:

  1. references for government authorities seeking precedence in the adoption of the OSI/OSD/OSI Approved Licenses as internationally recognized standards;
  2. the authority of the Open Source Initiative, the Open Source Definition and/or OSI Approved Open Source Licenses.

The results of this work are posted on the OSI's website at:

Please list your references below. Include, the title of the work, the quote(s) referencing the OSI/OSD/Approved Licenses, the source/publisher of the work, and a URL.

United Kingdom

All about Open Source: An Introduction to Open Source Software for Government IT, Version 2.0

Cabinet Office and Home Office

April 2012

"The Open Source Initiative (OSI) maintains the Open Source Definition (OSD), and is recognised globally as the authority on certifying whether a license is truly open source. There is no reason why any public body would deviate from the OSD and the OSI certifications of true open source licenses." (Page 6)

UK Government Licensing Framework for Public Sector Information, Edition 4.1

National Archives

October 2014

"Government departments and other public sector bodies that are involved in developing their own software and source code are encouraged to make their software and source code available as openly as possible. This requires a flexible approach to licensing. Developers across public sector may choose to release their software and source code under the Open Government Licence. Alternatively, the Open Source Initiative maintains a list of approved open source licences covering software and source code that can be used." (Page 16)

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