Development Activities

These are activities related to the broader FLOSS Desktops for Kids Project

Idea backlog:

  • Add to or edit MAKE worksheets
    • js/thimble tutorials?
      • thimble - remix lesson for FLOSS Desktops?
  • Research other programs like FLOSS
  • List diagnostic techniques (new wiki page?)
  • Increase awareness of the program
    • Social media
    • Invitations to peer communities
  • Phase 2: kid-inspired, self-directed projects

Computer parts inventory and testing

This list provides some common issues we discovered while testing computers, and fixes for them. This can be helpful to help you assess your own inventory of machines. Please feel free to contribute to this growing list to help others as they start-up their own programs.

Reaching out

  • creating list of potential contacts and mailing lists for introducing FLOSS Desktops

FLOSS Desktops For Kids Summer Conference (Online)

In order to foster continued growth across programs through knowledge sharing (experiences at different locations), program feedback (what resources work, what don't), and needs assessment (what we still need to do), The OSI is hosting an online conference through Jitsi Meet (

emails drafted, waiting for official date and times to send out

  • Date: August 18th
  • Time: 10AM to 1PM eastern time
  • Participants/Topics:
    • Kristopher Navratil / FLOSS Desktops start-up
    • Kerry Flynn / FLOSS Desktops at Loudonville Elementary
    • Michele McColgan / Siena STEM Camps and Urban Scholars
    • Stu Keroff / Community School of Excellence
    • Limor Freid & Phillip Torrone / Adafruit
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