May 2020


After a three months of no activity, FLOSS Desktops chair Dr. Michele McColgan returned from sabbatical and Cassidy Laymen is again available following COVID related absence. As an in-person program, COVID has forced the cancellation of programs, in some cases permanently--including the two biggest, Urban Scholars, Asian Penguins.  New funding opportunities have emerged however delivery practices will need to be updated.


Albany City School District has cancelled funding for Urban Scholars. The Urban Scholars program was the primary funding agent for FLOSS Desktops staffing and program development and management.

General Electric has renewed their computer donation program with FLOSS Desktops.

Online programs specific to hardware and programming are being reviewed to extend current in-person camps.

No money from the $5024.70 from 2018 fundraising (including $1000 GNOME grant) has been spent.

Application for "GNOME Community Engagement Challenge" grant (

Extending contract (previous work was never completed) to Cassidy Laymen following COVID related absence.


OSI infrastructure for support continues with OSI's website, wiki, mailing lists. Development of data base to capture and share similar international projects underway. Drupal development undertaken by FLOSS Desktops volunteers.


Currently, 10 programs across U.S. self-identified as "participating.

Participants (as reported by participating programs)

  • Ethnicity
    • 57% Black
    • 16% Hispanic
    • 16% White
    • 11% Asian
    • 1% Other
  • Gender Identity
    • 58% Females
    • 42% Males
  • Age (School Grade)
    • 7th - 8th 48%
    • 5th - 6th 32%
    • 9th and above 20%

In addition, 40 college students participated as mentors.

Upcoming goals

  1. Submit GNOME Community Engagement Challenge" grant.
  2. Complete database of similar projects and invite collaborators.
  3. Develop alternative delivery methods for Fall 2020.

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