OSI Board Report on ClearlyDefined

Monthly report in preparation for board meeting March 13, 2020


The project remains stable and the community continues to thrive and collaborate around multiple topic areas. We hope to have more engineering resource on the project soon in order to assist with more long-term feature work and grow the technology into places we’ve been hoping to go for a while.


Financial resources remain stable without any inflows or outflows this month. We do not currently anticipate any further outflows next month. 

Microsoft is currently hiring for a full-time engineer to work on ClearlyDefined. They are currently looking for candidates and interviewing for the role. OSI is helping with promoting the job availability.


We have not done much feature work this month due to limited engineering resources. There were a few bug fixes to assist with curation PRs, but otherwise the infrastructure remains stable and robust. 

We had some continued discussion around ClearlySecure and crates functionality in the biweekly meeting, we may try to progress those conversations this month to some resolution.


The community continues to grow and add new members each week. There are multiple discussions around ClearlySecure, crates packages, and the crawler currently in progress. 

The curation community continues to thrive. We had updates submitted to the Curation Guidelines this month after much discussion and review by the curation steering committee. We have had ~50 curation PRs per week submitted and closed on average the last few weeks.

Upcoming goals

  1. We still aim to publish blog posts about ClearlyDefined with the United Nations Foundation as well as the Eclipse Foundation this month and are looking to identify other opportunities for speaking and spreading the word about ClearlyDefined. 
  2. We hope to make significant progress in hiring for the engineer role for the project this month.

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