OSI Board Report on ClearlyDefined

Monthly report in preparation for board meeting March 19, 2018


The project has officially been announced publicly via OSI press release, blog posts from the partners, and a talk at Open Source Leadership Summit. Response has been positive and we have seen interest from new collaborators and potential partners.


We continue to have the infrastructure for the project donated by Microsoft. That infrastructure is still sufficient for the project’s storage and bandwidth needs.

We have not reached a need for contracting resources yet. All members of the project continue to be volunteers for now.


Concentrated efforts to build features and robustness for the website, service, and crawler in anticipation of the OSLS announcement got us to what we’re calling an “alpha” stage of the technology.

All parts of the technology are still lacking in robustness. Our next steps for the technology are largely around fixing bugs, improving the user experience, and increasing robustness.


We generated a lot of interest in the project generally. We are now focused on building the curation community that will review and merge PRs for the curation of the data. Possibly this month or soon thereafter we will also begin conversations with upstream projects about getting data back in a way that makes sense for their communities.

Upcoming goals

  • Building the curation community: we want to identify people who are knowledgeable and interested in defining the processes around curation, and then building those folks into a larger community. This is a key part of the ClearlyDefined project and we want to start the ball rolling on it soon.
  • Service robustness: now that we’ve reached proof of concept with the software we need it to be more robust to accommodate more users and more demands on the system as we move forward.

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