OSI Board Report on ClearlyDefined

Monthly report in preparation for board meeting October 11, 2019


Work and resources on the project this month were stable. We are focusing on promoting ClearlyDefined at the conferences occurring early in 2020. We continue to want to get more users of the data involved in the project. 


Contracting resources remain the same as last month, with two contractors provided by WebYourMind. Financial resources are experiencing the same burn rate as the previous month. We have begun efforts to identify new funding opportunities for 2020 so we can ensure that we don’t meet any limitations early next year when we are expected to run through our existing funds. 


We have experienced a few bugs this month, primarily one involving casing mismatches, and those have been fixed by our contractors. The technology itself remains stable, reliable, and resilient. 

Some members of the community have expressed interest in building the ability to mirror data into ClearlyDefined, so we have begun having exploratory conversations around building a spec for this.


The community remains engaged in the project and well-represented from a number of companies, organizations, and individuals. We are aiming to increase the number of curations coming from other companies and organizations in order to continue driving investment in the data quality.

We are also aiming to submit to conferences for early next year around ClearlyDefined to continue bringing attention and visibility to the project and encouraging new users of the data.

Upcoming goals

  1. Submit talks to CFPs for FOSDEM and Copyleft Conf (possibly with the OSI) by their respective deadlines.
  2. Draft specification on mirroring in order to go/no go on starting work for it.

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