OSI Board Report on ClearlyDefined

Monthly report in preparation for board meeting September 20, 2019.


We have integrated support for two new kinds of packages into ClearlyDefined this month: PHP and Debian. The Debian integration was a long-standing goal of the project’s in order to eventually be able to produce compliance data for containers that run Debian. In addition to the new package integrations, we have continued to fix bugs reported by users, add features, and harvest and scan new packages as requested. 


Monetary resources remain in a steady run rate with our monthly commitment to contracting resources now extended through the end of the year. Google, Amazon, and Microsoft continue to donate compute resources to the project for crawling, harvesting, and scanning.

We have an additional Microsoft engineer who is getting involved with the project and familiar with the codebase and community now. Otherwise engineering resources remain the same.


As mentioned above, we have integrated support for PHP and Debian. We have already begun harvesting and scanning PHP packages. Once the Debian integration has been fully tested we will also begin to harvest and scan those packages. 


The community continues to grow steadily month-over-month. We have had additional community members participating in both our biweekly project meetings as well as our biweekly curation steering committee meetings.

We have had a major contributor to our curation community begin reviewing and merging curations, and have heard that we may have additional people joining the curation community soon. 

Upcoming goals

  • ClearlySecure proposal
  • Harvesting and scanning Debian packages

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