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I'm currently working as the General Manager here at the Open Source Initiative. In addition, I am also on the OSI Board of Directors, serving as Secretary. I'd like to thank all of you across the open source community for registering—and more importantly participating—in the OSI wiki. I'm confident, with our member's help, this wiki can serve as a valuable resource to not only help set direction for the Open Source Initiative, but also support the broader open source community. Here you can find topics on the various aspects of open source licensing: working groups and areas of interest across the open source community (regardless of project); best practices in forming and managing open projects; operational, organizational and administrative issues managed through the OSI, and many more emerging from the community itself. Registration is open to anyone, and visitors may leave comments on the OSI pages without registering. Please feel free to review, comment and contribute to the content you find on the site. Remember,  "many eyeballs make all bugs shallow. Also you should feel free to add as much information about yourself as you'd like to the wiki. By sharing your interests in open source others will be able to find out about you and your passions, sparking greater collaboration and building a stronger open source community. Again, thanks for your participation!

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(970) 4MASSON

855 El Camino Real, Ste 13A, #270
Palo Alto, CA 94301
United States

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