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1 The [[License Review>>url:]] mailing list [[is considering>>url:]] using a project management tool for public tracking of the license review process. This page is for collecting information related to this tool selection. Note that the **license-review** list, and corresponding license review process in general, is distinct from the **license-discuss** mailing list, which this document does not address.
3 The License Committee recommends contracting for services in the identification and implementation of a better workflow for the review of licenses. We have decided that the current email-based system (Mailman) is inadequate as it is exceedingly difficult to follow discussions, which reduces participation. The tasks that this person will undertake are:
5 Stage 1:
7 * Contact and work with stakeholders to further describe business, user, non/functional, and implementation requirements for an appropriate license-review vehicle(s) (including attributes below).
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10 Stage 2:
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13 * Implement the vehicle on an OSI-approved host, including the configuration of users/roles/permissions, integrations, data transfer, workflows, etc. in order to meet the requirements identified.
14 * Document the expected process for reviewing a license and the roles of all participants in the process
15 * Document the solution and any maintenance tasks so they can be handed off to a new maintainer
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18 Stage 3:
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21 * Evaluate the feasibility of creating a complete, searchable database of all license-review emails, either incorporated into the tool or separate from the tool (currently emails are at at least three different urls)
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24 The person may also be asked to:
26 * Create a maintainable system for making machine-readable licenses available
27 * Create a complete, searchable database of all license-review emails
29 The OSI would (% style="background-color: inherit; color: inherit; font-family: inherit; font-size: inherit;" %)execute each stage in turn, retaining the option to re-evaluate or even potentially terminate the project at the end of each stage. For example, if it turns out that we cannot identify a solution at the end of Stage 1, the OSI would end the engagement.
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32 == Requirements for license-review process ==
34 ==== Must have ====
36 * Ability to submit a license for review
37 * Being able to immediately identify the current state of review for a license (eg. "approved", "rejected", "new", "being redrafted", "invalid", "rejected", etc.)
38 * Ability to submit updated revisions of a license, without destroying previous ones or associated history. (Licenses often go through multiple rounds of revisions or drafts based on feedback received.)
39 * Ability to comment on specific sections/words/lines of a given draft of license. (Sections of licenses that have been revised are areas of interest)
40 * Ability to comment on a license in a general sense
41 * Ability to moderate discussions (including removing comments, editing comments, banning users)
42 * Ability to close the process with the publication of an accompanying rationale document
43 * Discussions must be publicly accessible, without authentication
44 * Users must authenticate and maintain a consistent identity in order to comment/participate in the process
45 * Time-stamping of all comments and submissions
46 * Entirely separate discussions for each license
47 * Discussions must be archiveable and available to reference through linking
48 * Easy to learn and use by non-technical users
49 * Must not assume experience with specific technical tools (i.e. requirement to use Git, XML, or a specific programming language, etc.)
50 * Tools are principally open source
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56 ==== Nice to have ====
58 * Ability to cross-reference a different comment in the same or different discussion
59 * Searchable discussions
60 * Canonical URIs for each license for review
61 * Machine-readable output from the license review process (text of the license + metadata such as Author, Date approved, Link to discussion, etc.)
62 * Low administrative overhead/hosted service (OSI does not have a good track record of hosting/maintaining new services)
63 * Previous license review emails can be added so that all license reviews are in the same place (we may need to engage someone separately to complete a migration)
64 * Configurable notifications in order to watch and follow discussions
65 * Welcoming to new community members
66 * Badges to easily identify participants to provide context (e.g. OSI board members, long-time community participants, etc.)
67 * Not mandatory to use the tool in order to participate in review, i.e., system integrates with an email workflow

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