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About me?

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I am Stephane Ribas, a french "lucky" boy, as I lived the rise of the Internet, its infrastructure, its protocols, its applications but as well as the rise of the open source movement.

Thanks to my contribution to the POP3 code in 1993 (and other less known oss projects), I get fascinated by the magic of opensource that shape my carrier since then.

I spent 12 years in software industries & services, mostly in innovative technologies - open source oriented -. Thanks to the people I meet & the projects I collaborated on, I developed strong skills in building & fostering Internet communities.

I joined INRIA, a french public research institute in mathematics & computing, in 2008 to co-lead OW2 Europe Local Chapter & contribute(d) to several other Open Source projects & consortiums. I wrote several articles on how to "build and sustain Open Source Communities" in academic journals (ex. IEEE). I presented my ideas and approaches in numerous international conferences.

In 2012, I joined the Inria top management team where I am helping Inria research teams to create & develop their own communities (community over code!), I advice them in the choice of:

  • governance model,
  • oss licenses,
  • project dev. lyfe cycle
  • how to animate the project & create a vibrant community.

I am following them, helping them, monitoring them.

Finally, I am recently in charge of helping Inria, at a national level, on deciding their OSS licenses governance & strategy.


Why should you consider my application ?

I am proposing my application through the AFUL organisation. This consortium addresses the usage of open source in France by industrials, small companies, & institutions, provide advices & reports to our government, defends users, defends open source, spend a lot of time to educate, etc. I am proud to work at their board & I do the interface between AFUL and research institutions in France. I help them also to animate the AFUL community. I have a good knowledge of the french universities & engineering schools ecosystem. I have also several industrial contacts.

By applying to OSI board, I want to bring my help and knowledge to:

  • the daily duties of all board members ;-)
  • the animation of the OSI community,
    • asking/answering questions that members have,
    • update regularly the website and the social networks media,
    • help to organise current initiatives,
    • helping in the organisation of the different meetings, improving the architecture of participation if needed.
    • facilate the knowledge flow between the community members
  • the promotion of OSI initiative,
    • spread the world!
    • I would like to increase OSI presence in France (for instance OSI booth in french conference)
  • attract new members
    • I will first listen and understand the OSI governance, and then propose ideas,
    • I will organise some promotion initiatives & presentations about AFUL & OSI in France, I participate to a lot of conferences,
    • I also think that it would be great that INRIA becomes a member of OSI :-)

I believe that OSI could be more represented in France, Inria is an internationally recognized hotspot about computing & research, my role at AFUL and more recently at the top management of Inria give me the ability to spread ideas and put them in action into the french computing ecosystem.


Thanks so much for reading, I hope to have convinced you enough so I will have the opportunity to put all my efforts to represent and advocate OSI the best I can!

Don't hesitate to contact me via Email



  • In parallel, I am one of the main organizer of the fOSSa conference (Free Open Source Software for Academia). fOSSa is a conference about Open Source and beyond: Open education, open collaboration, open data, open standard, open hardware & open-ness at large. Simon Phipps & Martin Michlmayr participated to the first and third edition.
  • I meet and regularly collaborate with many small, medium and large open source organisations :-)
  • I am a past contributor the the OSLC licensing tool
  • I teach Open Source (culture, business models, licences, etc) at IAE business school in Grenoble, french alps, France.



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