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I'm Carol Smith, your current Secretary and board director for the OSI. I'm also a program manager at Microsoft in the Open Source Programs Office. 


Activities on the Board of Directors

In my time serving the OSI, I became Secretary of the board as well as the board sponsor of the ClearlyDefined project. ClearlyDefined focuses on clarifying license data about FOSS, a project that lines up closely with OSI's mission. I brought ClearlyDefined to the OSI over a year ago, and it has enjoyed great success since then, both culturally and financially. 

I intend to continue shepherding and growing ClearlyDefined under the OSI. Clear licensing data in FOSS continues to be crucial to users', projects', and organizations' confidence and adoption. We have built a community solution to a community problem and want to continue expanding our reach in clarity of the data, quality of the project software, and ecosystem coverage. 

In a year the project has gone from inception to launch. We are currently serving users with software that was built with help from my project oversight.

You can find the 2018 Annual Report I submitted for ClearlyDefined on this wiki if you'd like to learn more about what the project set out to do and what it has achieved in the last year. On that page you'll also find a breakdown of funding for the project.

Since being elected by the directors as Secretary I have also assisted with the smooth administration of the organization. I have used my lengthy program management skills to help assist in the organization's administration. 

Why I'm Running for Reelection

I believe deeply in OSI's mission and reach and want to continue to serve it.  If I am reelected to the board, I intend to strengthen and broaden my focus on:

  • The Open Source Definition. The most important work of the Open Source Initiative and the board is protecting the Open Source Definition. My primary focus always has been and will continue to be the OSD and decisions that protect it. This is core to OSI's work and my work as a board director. 
  • ClearlyDefined. Two years ago I ran my platform on bringing new projects and initiatives to the OSI. ClearlyDefined is just that sort of project. It is currently focused on clarifying license, source location, and attribution parties for FOSS projects. We see great opportunities in other data about FOSS that could be conveyed to ClearlyDefined's users in the future. Security, accessibility, localization, etc are all potential avenues we could explore in the coming phases of the project. 


Contact Info

More about me and some musings on FOSS can be found at You can find me on Twitter @fossygrl. You are also welcome to email me directly at [email protected]. I welcome your questions and thank you for your time and interest!


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