About Me

I am currently Sticker Mule's Director of Developer Relations and is responsible for championing the needs of Open Source developers. Previously, I worked as an Open Source advocate for MaxCDN.color-jacket-500x500.jpg

I co-founded BootstrapCDN in 2012 and is heavily involved with the FOSS community contributing to Bootstrap, Font Awesome, Grunt, FSF, jQuery Foundation, Twemoji, Nginx & GNU Bash.

I also serve on the Selection Committee for Mozilla's Open Source Support (MOSS) program as well a co-founder/organizer of Sustain, a one-day event for Open Source Software sustainers.

Why I'm Running

Since 2010 I have had a calendar event called "My Goals" alert me once a month. One of those goals from the get-go is "Contribute more back to the Open Source community". As an Open Source maintainer, contributor, and sustainer, I am proud of my accomplishments. I know if I'm given this opportunity, I will be able to make more impactful contributions than ever. 


  • Membership growth is key. I believe there are many ways to get incentives (e.g. AWS/GCP/Azure service credits) from Premium Sponsors to keep and attract new members.
  • Look for simple ways to increase donation revenue like encouraging members to use Amazon Smile and choose "Open Source Initiative" as the charitable organization (example).

Contributions I made to OSI

Contact Info

I welcome your questions and thank you for your time and interest =)

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Me wearing my favorite shirt in the world at the first "Write The Docs LA" Meetup


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