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Joseph Chairs the OSI's Management Education Working Group, and is the originator of The FLOW Syllabus. He has worked for 25 years as an applied economist in the roles of project manager, trainer/coach and experimental systems designer. All of his work of the past 15 years has been done the free/libre/open way (FLOW), whether in commercial firms, in government, in civil society organizations, and in academia.

Joseph has worked in 20 countries to help large and small sets of clients to design, implement and sustain co-management protocols, workflow systems and operational methods that benefit from the free/libre/open way of thinking.

He is particularly interested in inter-organizational systems, hyper-efficiency through re-thinking (eg 90% cost reductions), long-term resilience (eg projects that outlast their organizations), and respectful transparency. Where others see boundaries, he sees functional interfaces. Where others seek to build weighty empires, he seeks next-to-zero organizational weight at the centre of a well-structured process. 

Joseph studied economics at McGill, plural economy at Cambridge, project management at the Sprott School of Business, and now, part-time between working on client projects through The Opman Company, he is completing a doctorate in project management for complex systems at U Quebec.

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