In chemistry, the term “free radical” is used to describe molecules with unpaired electrons, those that may have a positive, negative, or zero charge. They are hard to pin down, and as a result their possibilities are endless. They can prove wildly destructive or instrumental, depending on context. - A Manifesto for Free Radicals

Have an interest, idea, solution in line with the OSI mission or activities that just doesn't seem to fit anywhere in our existing day-to-day operations and no one else seems to be willing to take it on? The OSI seeks self-motivated, self-directed and self-organizing "Free Radicals" to identify and address affinity projects to further our mission and goals. Help us understand what we don't, and then get it done.


  • Research & Analysis - Explore and identify areas of need/opportunity in line with the OSI's mission and mandate within not only the OSI but the communities we serve to extend resources, and participation.
  • Design, Development & Deployment - Define, promote and implement projects which address unmet and/or unrecognized needs to further the objectives and goals of the OSI and the open source community.
  • Team-building - Create interest and participation in identified projects.
  • Transfer/Sustainability - Ensure completed projects are maintained or are completed to deliver desired benefits and value.
  • Administration - Support the OSI Working Groups to achieve their goals and thus extend the OSI mission and community.

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