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Advocate Circle

The OSI Advocate Circle is open to all of those who have stood for election as an OSI Board Member. The purpose of the Advocate Circle is to help further the OSI’s mission to educate about, and advocate for, the benefits of open source and to build bridges among different constituencies in the open source community. For more information, see the Advocate Circle webpage.

The OSI Advocate Circle working documentation is available on this wiki, OSI Advocate Circle Wiki


(see also Educational Affiliates and Sustaining Affiliates)

The OSI Affiliate Scheme allows non-profit and not-for-profit organizations to become OSI members. The current status of the Affiliate Scheme is available on the OSI website as is a list of our current Affiliates.

While the program is currently underway and we are encouraging membership, continued development and discussions for improving our Affiliate Scheme can be found on this page which provides a forum for discussions, development and management of policy and practice between the OSI and our affiliates to improve our program and further support open source projects and the communities that enable them.


The OSI is assessing the potential of local chapters to help further our mission and the resources needed to support such an effort.

Educational Affiliates

(see also Affiliates and Sustaining Affiliates)

Many educational institutions, both within the K-12 and higher education sectors, use, develop and manage open source software and communities. The Educational Affiliate program provides resources for those institutions to grow and manage their projects as well as provide and gain support from peers.


The objective of each Free/Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS) Competence Centers is to act locally in its geographical region, working as a meeting point and knowledge repository in the field of FLOSS and of its own specialties. Competence Centers also collaborate in a worldwide community exchanging experiences, methods, and solutions to expand and spread knowledge on FLOSS. These Centers work as catalysts, fostering trust and reliability of FLOSS, both in the software industry and in society.

All Competence Centers share a common ethics and culture of collaboration that is expressed in the Manifesto for FLOSS Competence Centers.

Fundraising & Development

Corporate Sponsorships

As a non-profit corporation, the OSI relies on corporate sponsorships to maintain operations and fund initiatives in pursuit of our mission. Our Corporate Sponsors & Support Program is managed by the OSI's Development Director.

While corporate sponsorship is currently underway, and we continue to seek new sponsors, it is important to continuously assess and improveme our Corporate Sponsorship Program. Those discussions can be found here, within this wiki. This forum provides allows the OSI community to improve the Corporate Sponsor program and further the OSI's mission in support of open source projects and the communities that enable them.

Individual Members

The OSI launched an individual membership program in June of 2012. Details of the current program is provided at Discussions related to Individual Memberships, including benefits, activities, events, etc. is found here in the OSI wiki.

Lifetime Members

Elected Board Directors are rewarded with Lifetime Memberships in recognition for the contributions and commitment to the OSI and our communities.

Sustaining Affiliates

(see also Affiliates and Educational Affiliates)

Technical Speakers Community

This mailing list and wiki page is intended for people who speak at technical conferences and who want to share information with each other. Appropriate topics for discussion include:

  • conferences and events
  • presentation tools
  • techniques for public speaking
  • proposal-writing
  • slide/video reviews
  • calls for presentations
  • lightning/ignite talk opportunities

Topics are not strictly limited to presenting Free Software/Open Source software and issues, although a majority of the community is people who do so, and a majority of events discussed will be FOSS related.

To join the mailing list, go to the Speakers List Page and subscribe. Note that subscriptions are moderated and may take a day or so to be approved.


OSIdeas is a monthly webinar showcasing the projects, initiatives and communities of OSI Affiliates and Supporters and how the broader OSI community can take advantage of their work to support their own efforts. The goals are:

  • Highlight the support infrastructure the OSI can provide Working Groups, Incubator Projects and Affiliate Members in order to cultivate greater activity with the OSI and OSI membership.
  • Showcase the open source projects of our community to raise awareness and adoption of our Affiliates' and supporter's tools.
  • Introduce our community members to one another, and promote collaboration across projects and communities.

The OSIdeas schedule is posted here. Anyone with an idea or suggestion for a topic or project to be showcased is welcome to contribute to the page.


The OSI's administrative and operational staff is complemented through volunteer efforts in a variety of areas: marketing and communications, fund-raising, events management, and many others.

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