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June 17, 2022

Board Members

Aeva Black, Thierry Carrez, Josh Berkus, Pamela Chestek, Catharina Maracke, Justin Colannino, Carlo Piana, Tracy Hinds


Amanda Brock, Hong Phuc Dang (resigned this morning)


Stefano Maffulli

Quorum reached at 8:02


Approval of previous meeting minutes

Catharina motions to approve the minutes from 5/14. Thierry seconds. Approved unanimously.

Operational update

Operating reserves now at 6 months (goal achieved). 13 new sponsors, 4 renewals, but revenue below expectations. Individual member sign ups did not increase as much as forecast.

Board discussed potential changes to membership fees and changes to membership tiers. Discussion moved to the finance and fundraising committee.

Q2 social media: 17% increase in LinkedIn followers. Stef shared a few updates to the website, made for performance reasons. Newsletter open rate decreased substantially in June as more emails were marked as spam.

Stef shared updated podcast plan. Aeva observed the demographic makeup of the current podcast plan and suggested including more diverse voices.

Board discussed fundraising and outreach planning.

Elections of board officers

Nominations have been done over email, and a short procedural discussion ensued.

With no other nominees, Catharina motions to appoint Tracy as Treasurer and Josh as Asst Treasurer. Seconded by Aeva. All in favor. So moved.

Carlo Piana verbally withdraws candidacy for Secretary.

With no other nominees, Catharina motions to appoint Aeva as Secretary. Pam seconds. All in favor. So moved.

The Asst Secretary position has two candidates (Carlo, Amanda). With Amanda not present today, the discussion is moved to email.

YATeam Public License Ver.1

Pam provided a verbal summary of the License Committee’s review. The floor is opened for discussion.

Pamela moved to reject the license. Aeva seconds. All approve the motion.

Affiliate Program

Stef raised concerns about objectives of the Program and the capacity to meet those objectives. Board discussed whether OSI has the capacity to grow the Affiliate Program at this time.

Fundraising Training

Tracy introduced an upcoming two-hour training to empower board members with fundraising tools. 

Standards and Policy

Board discussed a funding proposal for a USA Policy Director.

Board also discussed the FCC TAC’s request for a position statement on Machine Learning, and agreed appoint Stefano to provide the update after the podcast series.

Board Vacancy

Catharina raised the topic of the vacancy created by Hong Phuc’s resignation. Board discussed how to most appropriately fill the vacancy.

Meeting closed at 09:58


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