Volunteers Charter

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The OSI seeks interested members of the open source software to help further our mission "to educate about and advocate for the benefits of open source and to build bridges among different constituencies in the open source community."


The OSI is recognized internationally as an authority in the advancement of open source software and communities. As such we regularly receive inquiries and opportunities to engage in a variety of activities and initiatives to further open source. Unfortunately many of these requests—while extremely valuable for the advancement of open source—are simply beyond our ability to resource appropriately, and thus go unanswered and undeveloped. The OSI Volunteer Program is designed to extend the capacity and capabilities of the organization by capitalizing on the experiences, expertise and good will of the variety of professionals working in and with the open source community. If you support open source software, we need your support, and we invite you to volunteer.


The OSI is extremely fortunate to work with a who's who of internationally respected organizations and individuals promoting open source software and the open ethos. Working as an OSI volunteer allows you to work directly with innovative open source projects, interesting and committed communities, and talented people. Volunteering with the OSI can provide you with both personal and professional development opportunities: learn a new technology, develop your coding skills, meet colleagues, peers and mentors, build a professional network... and maybe even find a great new job.

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